Why Numbers Soar Digital E-BOOK

Why Numbers Soar Digital E-BOOK

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This is a digital E-BOOK of Coach Theo's NEW book Why Numbers Soar. You can purchase his soft cover book on Amazon for $8.99. 

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Sometimes change is good!

I had to go with a new look. Original book cover wasn’t printing high quality. This new design came back and my whole family agreed it’s better!

But even more important is the content inside.

This is about taking leaps. About surrendering and following God’s lead. About trusting that even though you have no clue right now how to do it, you’ll figure it out if you just start moving.

You dont have to be a business owner or a leader of an organization to get inspired from this book.

  • Maybe you need to make a change.
  • Maybe you want to start something new.
  • Maybe you want to step out.

The principles and stories shared in this book will help you do it!

This is the FMU story; how we started with 3 kids in our backyard to where we are now, with over 400 members and busting out of our current facility. But this story is not just for us to keep to ourselves. It’s for YOU. We are so pumped to share the ups and downs and the visions for the future.

Its not about us. But it starts with us.

Thanks for your support and please email me if you read it! I would love to hear from you.

God bless,
Coach Theo

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