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The FMU 4 Week High Definition Training Program (Use Cyber10 To Save Another 40% Off Sale Price)

The FMU 4 Week High Definition Training Program (Use Cyber10 To Save Another 40% Off Sale Price)

Sale price $24.99 Regular price $39.99

Full Access To Coach Theo and Amber's High Definition Workouts! [not for beginners]

What You Get:

  • A full 4 week done-for-you training program featuring 9 of Coach Theo and Amber's Top High Definition workouts from their very own gym, that they do with real clients, and how they personally train themselves! [level intermediate to advance: meaning you should be working out regularly in some type of strength and cardio fitness program currently]

  • A printable PDF template detailing each workout.

  • An introduction video for each workout along with video clips of each exercise. In fact, check out a FREE example intro video below. Even though the video is filled with info, you need the actual workout write-up that details the reps, sets, protocols, and layout of each routine, to know exactly how to execute each workout properly.

*6 Bonuses*

Bonus #1: FMU Exercise Library [over 100 exercise clips]

Bonus #2: FMU Theoga Warm-up

Bonus #3: FMU Big 10 Warm-up

Bonus #4: Three 7-Minute Ab Routines

Bonus #5: Coach Theo's 4 Week Running Program (Fastest 5k)

Bonus #6: Coach Theo's Full Follow-Along 60 Minute Workout-WrestlingFIT

The Workouts That You'll Get:

  • The FMU Blitz Workout
  • The FMU Make Or Break You Workout
  • The FMU Rocky Cardio Workout
  • The FMU Back, Arms, and Legs Workout
  • The FMU Ultimate Warrior Workout
  • The FMU T.U.T. Workout
  • The FMU : 90 Second Drills Workout
  • The FMU Tri-Set Blast Workout
  • The FMU Hardcore Bodyweight Workout


What You Pay

Members pay anywhere from $150-$200/month to get these programs. But we know it's not the same. Not physically being in the FMU gym doesn't create nearly the same cost benefit.

Coach Theo and Amber will be educating top fitness professionals on their system for hundreds of dollars each session.  But we know you're not looking to outfit your own gym or studio to franchise his model.

Some people pay $85 or more for a private training session just to get one of these workouts. But again, doing this on your own, in your own gym or house, doesn't equate to that cost.

Selling even just one workout for this price would be more than justifiable. But we're not even doing that either.

We're going to make all 9 workouts and the full 4-week training program available to you for only $24.99.

A system that has taken over seven years to develop from practical, hands-on training hundreds to even thousands of clients, not just theory out of a textbook, is now available to you for a one-time purchase of only $24.99.

You're getting Coach Theo and Amber's exact formula for their total body athletic strength and conditioning group training programs.

To say it's a steal would be an understatement.

When you buy now, you'll gain instant access to Theo and Amber's High Definition Workouts. This is an electronic document that will come right to your email. Please make sure you enter a valid email address to ensure you receive your FULL PDF DOWNLOADABLE PROGRAM.

Free Preview Videos

Introduction Video

How To Use This Program (3 Steps)

How To Build Your Own Gym

Workout Video Example: 9 Min Tri-Set Blasts

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