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Coach Theo's 4 Weeks to a Faster 5K Running Program

Coach Theo's 4 Weeks to a Faster 5K Running Program

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This workout template is not a one size fits all approach. Use this as a guide and make adjustments as necessary according to how you feel. You are the expert of your body. This means you need to pay attention to how you feel before, during, and after each workout. If you need to back off, take longer breaks, change rep schemes, please do so. NEVER push through or past pain. If you feel pain in any areas, please refrain from doing the workouts until the issue is addressed and/or alleviated. Finally, you are also the “owner” of your workout. EveryBODY is different and quality and effective training requires you to regularly evaluate and analyze your personal results, and make adjustments as necessary to continue to progress gradually and consistently over time. Most importanlty you must believe in yourself and always be stronger than your excuses!! #ItStartsWithYou

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