Priority enrollment opens Feb19th. Registration password will be emailed to everyone currently enrolled. Wait list registration opens March 5th. You will not need a password after the 5th.
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  • All summer camps combine FMU’s athletic training system and ninja obstacle training system.  In each summer camp session, kids will learn FMU signature strength and conditioning moves, speed and agility drills, fitness games and challenges, and play on all of our ninja obstacle training equipment. They will also learn Coach Theo’s Be Great 8 principles about faith, life, and character development, as well as a simple nutritional component and challenge for each week.

  • ALL FMU classes turn into summer camps.  There are no classes on top of this summer camp schedule. The schedule above is a visual of all of our kids classes during the summer. Camps are mostly during the day. We have one evening camp on Tues and Thurs 5pm.

  • Summer camps session run by the week as opposed to 4 weeks sessions (school year). Each class is extended to either 90 minutes or 2 hours. You can sign up for as many weeks as you want!

  • Kids do not come every day! Most camps are two days per week. Note their designated days and times. There are two exceptions, Impact and Wrestling Camp are just one day per week. 

    • Fitlets will come Monday AND Wed for the week(s) you register
    • Inspire will come Monday AND Wed for the week(s) you register
    • Ignite will come Tues AND Thurs for the week(s) you register
    • Impact will only come on Tues for the week(s) you register
    • Wrestling Campers will only come on Thurs for the week(s) you register (See below for more info on this class).
  • All camps are open to all kids. We send registration to the current email list, the wait list, and our public database. Current kids can sign up and new kids can sign up. It's first come first serve. Registration will open Monday March 15th.
  • All camps are a mix of athlete training and ninja training. High schoolers learn total body circuits as well. Wrestling camp is a little bit different! See the description below. 
  • We do allow 1 make up per summer camp at an Open Gym on Friday mornings, preferably within a four week period, and before summer is over.
  • Summer camps are Off during the week of July 4 (no kids summer camps this week)



  • Think wrestling. Think gymnastics. Think ninja club. In this new summer camp, Coach Theo combines his wrestling background with the new FMU custom 20ft x 2ft wrestling mat to teach kids how to wrestle. Every session kids will learn a wrestling skill and move of the day and wrestle live with other athletes. Their training will also consist of athletic development through FMU strength and conditioning drills, gymnastic-based total body movement challenges, and ninja obstacle training for ultimate grip and upper body strength. 

  • Bring a buddy system. We highly encourage you to sign up with a friend or family member who is the same size and same experience level so you are guaranteed a wrestling partner to do drills with and wrestling matches with. 

  • All wrestling campers need wrestling shoes and a headgear.